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FREE Guided Town Walks
end of May to September
Wednesday through Saturday, 10.30, Town Hall

Llanidloes town guides conduct free escorted walks around this historic market town. A group of 10 volunteers have been doing their homework and learning interesting facts about the buildings and people since its beginnings centuries ago. They owe a lot to the publications of Mr E Roland Morris (A pictorial Survey of Old Llanidloes) and Dr David Stephenson (Llanidloes A History).

Mike and Linda said
Just wanted to say many thanks to Stephen who took us on the Guided Town Walk last Tuesday. He brought the history of Llanidloes to life with a very interesting tour of the town, backed up with lots of great information and his own personal recollections. Thanks for taking the time to do this, despite there only being the two of us. The walk is a terrific idea and we'd recommend it to anybody visiting.

Free guided town walks

The walks will be start outside the Town Hall at 10.30am Wednesday to Saturday and should take approximately an hour to an hour and half to complete. They will run until the middle of September and hopefully appeal to the visitors to the town.

This has been a combined effort, from the brave volunteers who have had their work cut out learning lots of facts & figures to the valuable input from Jenni Cowling a qualified blue badge guide, to Vic Rigarlesford who took time to take photos of the town for the leaflets and posters Tony and Janet Crisp have created to advertise the project. Llanidloes based Hafren Women’s Institute are in the process of creating badges in the form of yellow & green rosettes for the town guides. Truly a town pulling together for its greater good. A Town Council initiative which the Chamber of Trade and Llani Ltd whole heartedly endorse to advertise, promote and raise the profile of Llanidloes as a tourist destination.

Free guided town walks

Walk Llanidloes



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