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2018 Cambrian Endurance - summer series

2018 Entry Form - Saturday 28th of July 2018

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Cambrian 48 Walk

The "Endurance - summer series" is a self-supported 50km (31.5mile) long walk across the Cambrian Mountains from West to East over some challenging but scenic terrain. The event is classified as "hard" and in a hi- endurance category.

The route starts at Trer'ddol (52.513N 3.975W / SN6607 9244) nr Borth in West Wales, and ends in the Town of Llanidloes (52.448N 3.514W / SN9537 8422) in the heart of Cambrian Mountains.

From the Start follow the Welsh Costal Path North-East from Tre'r-Ddol to Tyn-y-Garth. Then follow the Track East over Bwlch-Einion to Pemprys. Then head South-East through the Lyn Conach wood to Anglers Retreat. Then follow the path to and around Hafodwnog wood, then South over Foel Fras to entrance to Mynydd Bychan Forest. Then follow the Track East to reach Siambr Trawsfyndd. Then head North-East, East, and then North- East again to reach Bugeilyn / Check Point 3 (the half-way point on the route).

From Bugeilyn head East (now following Glyndwr's Way) to the Penycrocbren Roman Fortlet, and then continue South to reach Dolydd and enter the Hafren Forest. Continue South over Nant-y-Gwrdu, then East to reach the shore of the Llyn Clewedog Reservoir. Follow the route South- East, then North-East along the shore of the Reservoir, and then head South-West over the Dragons Back to reach the top of Deildre. Continue down to the viewing point of the Dam; and then head South, East, and North around the bottom of the Dam to the Old Lead Mine. Continue to follow Glyndwr's Way around Penwar, and then leave Glyndwr's way to head to Glyn.

From Glyn head South-East, then South-West to cross the river and join the track, and then head South-East through Weir and continue until you reach the Short Bridge leading into Llanidloes Town Centre and the Finish at the Mount Inn Public House in Llanidloes.

Cambrian 48 Walk

The challenge is intensified for participants in the main self-supported "load- bearing" category who will carry a 35lb(15.8kg) load across the course. Those who still wish to test themselves on the course without carrying a load, may enter in the self-supported "clean fatigue" category. You may Walk, TAB, Run or crawl the course, but it must be completed in under 10 hours!

Our preference would be for participants to enter as minimum 2 Person Team, which would support safety in undertaking and completing this challenging course.

A support team of Marshals and Directing Staff will monitor progress of the participants throughout the course, whilst intermittent Check Points will record progress and monitor participant welfare.

A recommended itinerary of required equipment and rations will be provided in the Event Pack 5 days prior to the Event.

Please note, this event is held in the height of the Summer and is classified in a "Hard" category, which requires the participants to possess a high level of fitness, have extensive experience in similar long distance trekking events, possess good navigational skills and a high level of physical/metal resolve to undertake and successfully complete the event in such exposed wilderness terrain with the good possibility of all the elements of the season being against you.

It is mandatory that all participants wear appropriate clothing to suit mountain terrain and weather conditions, carry the essential personal safety and navigational equipment with a full understanding of its respective use, carry/consume hi-calorie food and adequate water to sustain themselves during the event in both Entry Categories of the event.

In respect to footwear, Participants in the load-bearing category must wear appropriate mountain boots with good ankle support; whilst Participants in the clean fatigue category may wear suitable fell-running or approach shoes. Trainers or any such unsuitable footwear will not be permitted.

There will be no exceptions in these requisites, where participants who do not comply will not be permitted to partake in the event. Sorry, but this is primarily for your own personal safety, and also to alleviate the risk of you compromising the safety of others.

A unique memento of the event will be given to all participants who successfully complete the event, whilst the 1st, 2nd & 3rd best times over the course will receive a unique certificate for their efforts in both categories.

Also, can all those who are interested in partaking, kindly visit our Cambrian Mountain Events Facebook Page, like the page, and confirm their intent to partake on the Facebook Page Event section as well, as we are looking to build a Facebook Community following for our events. All notifications and updates respective to the event will be posted on this Facebook Page.

The event organising team reserve the right to change sections of the Route or Check Point Locations prior to the Event, due to terrain associated restrictions or any other factors that could compromise the safety and welfare of the participants and support staff alike.

If you are up for a challenge, come and join us for another fantastic event in the Cambrian Mountains, that will push you to the limit and test your boundaries beyond your wildest expectations.

Key Information

• LEVEL: Hard /High-endurance
• VENUE: Cambrian Mountains
• PARTICIPANTS: maximum 25
• COST: £45 per entrant

Sorry, no Children below the age of 13 years due to Safety Reasons. Young- persons from 13-18 can only partake in the "Self-supported clean fatigue" category. All young-persons between the ages of 13-18 years must be accompanied by their Parent or Guardian.

For further information or specifics regarding the Event, please feel free to email us at event -

If you are up for a challenge, come and join us for another fantastic event in the Cambrian Mountains, that will push you to the limit and test your boundaries beyond your wildest expectations.

We look forward to seeing you there...The CME Organising Team



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