Cambrian High Walk - winter series

2019 Cambrian High Walk Winter Series

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2019 Cambrian High Walk Winter Series

Hi and welcome to the "Cambrian High Walk - Winter Series" which is hosted annually on the last Saturday in January.

Most of you who find this challenge of interest would have heard of, know of, or have partaken in the infamous Military Selection Event over Pen-y-Fan in the Central Brecon Beacons. The Cambrian High Walk is of the same calibre, if not slightly more strenuous, which will test the participants stamina and will-power against the clock over the challenging and wild terrain in the Cambrian Mountains.

There will be two Entry Categories for this challenge:

Self-supported load-bearing - in this category the participants must carry a weighted Bergen/Rucksack of 16kgs (35lb) that includes essential safety and mountain equipment, but excludes food and water for consumption; and will also navigate their own way over the full course from Start to Finish.

Self-supported clean fatigue - in this category the participants are not required to carry the 16kg (35lb) in the load-bearing category, but must still carry suitable mountain rucksack containing essential safety and mountain equipment plus the required food and water. Yet again, participants in this category will navigate their own way over the full course from Start to Finish.

A recommended itinerary of required equipment and rations will be provided in the Event Pack 5 days prior to the Event. For those who require guidance or a refresher in Navigation and associated skills, a pre-event Navigation Day Course can be organised at the participant's request.

Cambrian High Walk Winter Series Walk

The course starts off by the side of the A44 by Pont Eisteddfa-Gurig and ascends steeply up the Southern slope of Pen Pumlumon Fawr (the highest mountain in the Cambrian Range at 752m) to reach the summit, and then descends down the Northern slope into Craig-y-Fedw.

From Craig-y-Fedw the route continues North-West over part rough track and part wild mooreland terrain skirting the foothill of Carn Hyddgen, then Bryn over Moel, to the next challenging ascent up Foel Fras to reach the summit at 529m. The Participants then turn around on the summit of Foel Fras and retrace their steps back over the same route, to return to the Finish back at the side of the A44 by Pont Eisteddfa-Gurig.

Please note, this event is held in the depth of winter and is classified in a "Hi- Endurance" category, which requires the participants to possess a high level of fitness, have extensive experience in similar Hi-Endurance trekking events, possess good navigational skills and a high level of physical/metal resolve to undertake and successfully complete the event in such exposed wilderness terrain with the good possibility of all the elements of Winter being against you.

It is mandatory that all participants wear appropriate clothing to suit mountain terrain and weather conditions, carry the essential personal safety and navigational equipment with a full understanding of its respective use, carry/consume hi-calorie food and adequate water to sustain themselves during the event in both Entry Categories of the event.

In respect to footwear, Participants in the load-bearing category must wear appropriate mountain boots with good ankle support; whilst Participants in the clean fatigue category may wear suitable fell-running or approach shoes. Trainers or any such unsuitable footwear will not be permitted.

There will be no exceptions in these requisites, where participants who do not comply will not be permitted to partake in the event. Sorry, but this is primarily for your own personal safety, and also to alleviate the risk of you compromising the safety of others.

With an Ascent +1146m and -1148 this route has marginally more Elevation Gain than the Selection Route over Pen-y-Fan which has an Ascent of +1142m and - 1127m, but as the profiles confirm it will push the participants to their limits, test their perceived boundaries, and push them beyond their wildest expectations. This is not an event for the inexperienced or the faint-hearted, and is only recommended for those physically able with suitable experience in similar hi-endurance events.

A support team of Directing Staff will monitor progress of the participants throughout the course (Sweeper Teams following behind participants and mobile units positioned at key Rendezvous Points), whilst intermittent Check Points will record progress and monitor participant welfare from Start to Finish.

All participants who successfully complete the Event will receive a unique event patch and be treated to an after-event catered meal and refreshments at the Crown & Anchor Public House in Llanidloes.

•EVENT DATE: Saturday 26th of January 2019
CATERGORY: Extreme/Hi-Endurance
• VENUE: Cambrian Mountains
COMPLETION TIME: In under 5 hours
• PARTICPANTS: Minimum 35 Entrants
• COST: £45 per entrant

Sorry, no Children below the age of 13 years due to Safety Reasons. Young-persons from 13- 18 can only partake in the "Self-supported clean fatigue" category. All young-persons between the ages of 13-18 years must be accompanied by their Parent or Guardian for Safety Reasons.

Also, can all those who are interested in partaking, kindly visit our CME Facebook Page, like the page, and confirm their intent to partake on the Facebook Page Event section as well, as we are looking to build a Facebook Community following for the Event. All notifications and updates respective to the Event will be posted on this Facebook Page.

The event organising team reserve the right to change sections of the Route or Check Point Locations prior to the Event, due to terrain associated restrictions or any other factors that could compromise the safety and welfare of the participants and support staff alike.

For further information or specifics regarding the Event, please feel free to email us at

If you are up for the challenge, we look forward to seeing you there...The Organising Team

2019 Cambrian High Walk Winter Series



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