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Welcome to the Sabrina Walk!

Since its inaugural launch in 2006, the Sabrina Walk has gained considerable popularity in the walking community across the UK and is a firm favourite of walkers who frequent the Cambrian Mountains in the Spring. It is the flagship of the Community Events hosted by CME.

Based on the Celtic myth of Sabrina, a water nymph said to inhabit the waters of the River Severn, we have created a 25 mile circular route called the Sarn Sabrina and a shorter 12 mile route called the Semi-Sabrina to cater for all abilities.

The circa 25 mile Sarn Sabrina can be undertaken as a one day challenge on this fully supported Event, or used as an established Trail that can be walked over a number of days for you to savour the beautiful views the route encompasses.

The Semi Sabrina is a slightly less challenging 12mile circular route from Llanidloes taking in Glyndwr's Way and the Llyn Clywedog with equally spectacular views on route.

Sarn Sabrina Walk

Sabrina's Story

Sarn Sabrina walk with walkers at the Source of the SevernThe River Severn, the longest river in the UK, takes its rise nine miles to the west of Llanidloes high up on the slopes of Pumlumon; the highest point in the central range of the Cambrian Mountains. The Roman name for the Severn (the Hafren in Welsh) was Sabrina, and ancient myth tells Sabrina was one of three sisters, all water nymphs, who met on Pen Pumlumon to discuss how they might wend their way to the sea. Each sister took a different route, Ystwyth to the west and Varga (the Wye) away to the south, while Sabrina who loved the land, set out on a slow meandering course that led her far into the east. The spirit of Sabrina still resides in the sparkling waters of the river and nowhere is her benevolent presence more apparent than here, where she first set forth upon her long journey to the sea.

The Sarn Sabrina

Sarn Sabrina walkersThe Sarn Sabrina route heads out of Llanidloes following the national trail of Glyndwr's Way. Leading up past the Van Pool, the path opens up extensive views of the Llyn Clywedog and the surrounding countryside, before following the shoreline of the lake to the borders of the Hafren Forest and Cwm Biga Farm. Climbing up through the Forest to the slopes of Pen Pumlumon Arwystli, the trail then visits the source of the Severn at 752m. Descending through the forest along the Severn Way long distance path, the trail next takes to the watershed of the Severn and the Clywedog, enjoying stunning views of the surrounding countryside before arriving back in Llanidloes.

The Semi Sabrina route again heads out of Llanidloes following the national trail of Glyndwr's Way. Leading up past the Van Pool, the path opens up extensive views of the Llyn Clywedog and the surrounding countryside, then leaving the Sarn Sabrina route to follow the trail down into a steep valley adorned each side with the infamous blanket of Blubells and ascends up to Deildre to fantastic all around views, then follow a combination of track and trail south of the Afon Clywedog to arrive back in Llanidloes.

The Sarn Sabrina and Semi-Sabrina are both way-marked with distinctive Sabrina discs (as above). Downloads of the Outline Route Maps, Route Waypoint Coordinates and the Entrants Brief for the Event are made available to all Entrants once they have registered for the Event.

The Sarn Sabrina Outline Route Map

Sarn Sabrina Walk

The Semi Sabrina Outline Route Map

Semi Sarn Sabrina Walk

The Event Schedule

The online Registration System will be closed 7 days prior to the Event.

  • Once you have registered, please ensure you download the Outline Route Maps, Route Waypoint Coordinates and the Event Entrants Brief.
  • The dedicated carpark for the event is the Kennel Fields in Llanidloes Town Centre.
  • The Event Hall is at the St Idloes Church in Llanidloes. GR SN9536 8469
  • Toast, Tea & Coffee is available for all entrants from 06:30 - 10:30
  • Sarn Sabrina Registration: 07:00 - 08:30 & Start as soon as registered
  • Semi Sabrina Registration: 09:00 - 10:30 & Start as soon as registered
  • Sarn Sabrina Naismith / Completion Time: 09hr 45min
  • Semi Sabrina Naismith / Completion Time: 04hr 55min
  • Entrants who successfully complete the Event will receive the unique Sabrina Patch.
  • Buffet & Refreshments are available for all entrants from 12:00 - 18:30

EVENT DATE: New date to be confirmed
CATEGORY: Community Event / Moderate
VENUE: Cambrian Mountains
PARTICPANTS: 150 Entrants (on both the Sarn & Semi)
COST: 35 per entrant

Sorry, no Children below the age of 13 years due to Safety Reasons. All young-persons between the ages of 13-18 years must be registered and accompanied by their Parent or Guardian for Safety Reasons.

Also, can all those who are interested in partaking, kindly visit our CME Facebook Page, like the page, and confirm their intent to partake on the Facebook Page Event section as well, as we are looking to build a Facebook Community following for the Event. All notifications and updates respective to the Event will be posted on this Facebook Page.

The event organising team reserve the right to change sections of the Route or Check Point Locations prior to the Event, due to terrain associated restrictions or any other factors that could compromise the safety and welfare of the participants and support staff alike.

For further information or specifics regarding the Event, please feel free to email us at

We look forward to seeing you on the Event ...The Organising Team

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Sarn Sabrina Walk Sarn Sabrina Walk Sarn Sabrina

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