Sabrina and
Semi-Sabrina Walk

The 2022 Sabrina Walk

The 2023 Sabrina Walk

Saturday 27th May 2023

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Since its inaugural launch in 2006, the Sabrina Walk has gained considerable popularity in the walking community across the UK and is a firm favourite of walkers who frequent the Cambrian Mountains in the Spring.

The circa 25 mile Sarn Sabrina can be undertaken as a one day challenge on this fully supported Event, or used as an established Trail that can be walked over a number of days for you to savour the beautiful views the route encompasses.

The Semi Sabrina is a slightly less challenging circa 12mile circular route from Llanidloes taking in Glyndwr's Way and the Llyn Clywedog with equally spectacular views on route

The Sabrina Story

The River Severn, the longest river in the UK, takes its rise nine miles to the west of Llanidloes high up on the slopes of Pumlumon; the highest point in the central range of the Cambrian Mountains. The Roman name for the Severn (the Hafren in Welsh) was Sabrina, and ancient myth tells Sabrina was one of three sisters, all water nymphs, who met on Pen Pumlumon to discuss how they might wend their way to the sea. Each sister took a different route, Ystwyth to the west and Varga (the Wye) away to the south, while Sabrina who loved the land, set out on a slow meandering course that led her far into the east. The spirit of Sabrina still resides in the sparkling waters of the river and nowhere is her benevolent presence more apparent than here, where she first set forth upon her long journey to the sea.

In this regard, in 2018 at the conception of the Race to the Sea to commemorate of the River Sister Ystwyth (now another established and successful CME Community Challenge Event), CME conceived the Three Sisters Challenge Event and developed the Wye Trail to commemorate the third River Sister Varga, which was unfortunately put on hold due to the COVID Pandemic Restrictions in 2020 and 2021. However, this year The Wye Trail is being launched in July, with the ultimate aim of hosting the Three Sisters Challenge Event over the May Bank Holiday weekend in 2023.

The 2022 Sabrina Walk

The Sarn Sabrina Route

The Sarn Sabrina route heads out of Llanidloes following the national trail of Glyndwr's Way. Leading up past the Van Pool, the path opens up extensive views of the Llyn Clywedog and the surrounding countryside, before following the shoreline of the lake to the borders of the Hafren Forest and Cwm Biga Farm. Climbing up through the Forest to the slopes of Pen Pumlumon Arwystli, the trail then visits the source of the Severn at 752m. Descending through the forest along the Severn Way long distance path, the trail next takes to the watershed of the Severn and the Clywedog, enjoying stunning views of the surrounding countryside before arriving back in Llanidloes.

Please note: a minor change has been made to the Sarn Sabrina route this year; where at Cwmbiga you now carry on straight on the Minor Road and take the next main Forestry Track that leads you up to Check Point 3 and the Source of the Severn, without any change to the overall distance. This alteration is denoted on the current Detailed Route Map and included in the Route Waypoint Coordinates that you will receive once you have completed your Entry and paid the Entry Fee.

Some Key Views en route

The Semi Sabrina Route

The route again heads out of Llanidloes following the national trail of Glyndwr's Way. Leading up past the Van Pool, the path opens up extensive views of the Llyn Clywedog and the surrounding countryside, then leaving the Sarn Sabrina route to follow the trail down into a steep valley adorned each side with the infamous blanket of Blubells and ascends up to Deildre to fantastic all around views, then follow a combination of track and trail south of the Afon Clywedog to arrive back in Llanidloes.

The Sarn Sabrina and Semi-Sabrina are both way-marked with distinctive Sabrina discs (as above) to guide participants along the course at key points on route and changes of direction, but is NOT be "hand-railed" throughout. CME reserve the right to change sections of the route without notice to accommodate unforeseen safety issues or aspects specific to respective Farm requirements.

Sections of the route are through private "working" Farmland with expressive permission from the landowners, for the Event day only. Participants must stringently respect this, and ensure all closed gates are left closed and open gates left as found when travelling through such Farmland. Strict compliance with the "Country Code" is required.

This event is dog friendly for responsible owners and CaniCross participants alike; who must ensure their canine friends are controlled and on a lead at all times; and also responsibly collect, carry and dispose excrement in a dedicated waste bin when available.

Follow us on Facebook for updates and event info as we progress the planning & implementation stages of the Event.

An in-depth Route Description, detailed Route Map and the Route Coordinate GPX File will be included in the Entrants Pack that is electronically provided once you have booked your place and paid the entry fee.

Key Event Details

DISTANCE: Sarn Sabrina 40km / 25miles Semi Sabrina 19km / 12miles
NAISMITH: Sarn Sabrina 10hrs 29min Semi Sabrina 4hrs 59min
CAPACITY: 200 entrants combined on both Sarn Sabrina & Semi Sabrina
COST: 45 Adult & 25 16-18yr & OAPs
ENTRIES CLOSE: Tuesday 23rd May 2023
EVENT DATE: Saturday 27th May 2023
in Llanidloes Town Centre are located at
- The Gro: SN953 844 (free community carpark)
- Opposite St Idloes Church: SN953 846 (free community carpark)
- Opposite the Library: SN954 844 (public paying carpark)
START & FINISH VENUE: The Crown & Inn, Llanidloes: SN954 846
REGISTRTATION: 06:00 - 07:00
EVENT BRIEF: 07:00 - 07:15
EVENT START: Sarn Sabrina 07:30 promptly
EVENT FINISH: on both events 18:00

In the morning there will be Tea & Toast available for all participants from 06:30 - 10:30. As participants complete they will receive their much deserved unique Sabrina Walk Patch and be treated to a buffet-style meal and refreshments, in the dedicated event marquee at the quirky Crown & Anchor Inn. Once all participants have completed the event and Marshals return to the finishing venue, in true CME style the after-event get-together will continue into the evening at the Crown & Anchor Inn.

We look forward to seeing you on the Event ...The Organising Team

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25 miles
SARN Sabrina



Entry Form
12 miles
SEMI Sabrina


Gurkha Welfare Trust

CME are proud to promote and raise awareness for the Gurkha Welfare Trust on the Sabrina Walk
A no-nonsense, hardworking charity that is dedicated to supporting ex-Gurkha Servicemen



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