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Saturday 27th July 2019

Welcome to the “Wye Trail”!

In following in the success of the long established “Sabrina Walk” and the more recent success of launching the race to the sea along the “Ystwyth Way” in 2018, CME are proud to present the “Wye Trail” to commemorate the third Pumlumon River Sister Varga (or Wye as better known to us all).

The circa 50k Wye Trail proves the more challenging of the three events we now host to commemorate the River Sisters of Pumlumon, but still encompasses a fantastic route with spectacular scenery to compliment this exciting series of community events and the beauty the Cambrian Mountains has to offer.

The Wye Trail Outline Route Map

Wye’s Story

The River Wye, the fifth longest river in the UK springs to life high on the misty slopes of Pen Pumlumon the highest mountain in the central range of the Cambrian Mountains. While the better known River Sister Severn takes the long meandering course into the east to claim its title as the longest river and the River Sister Ystwyth takes the quickest route west, Wye journeys along an equally spectacular course south through spectacular forest, valleys and gorges.

The ancient folklore tells that Wye was one of the three daughters of Pumlumon, the sleeping giant of the mountain. He watched over his daughters in his slumber seeing them grow safely from the rain and the mountain mist that settled upon the mountain sides. He watched the raindrops form puddles which formed pools which joined together to form little rivulets that trickled gently down the mountain. He then looked upon them one day and saw the energy that was brimming up inside of them ready to overflow and gush forth and he knew their time had come. Waking from his slumber he called them and told them that they had to fulfil their destiny and join the sea.

Ystwyth hurried to accomplish her destiny in the shortest route possible to reach the sea, smell the salt air and to see the sun set over its wide waters; Severn roamed the land in search of wisdom of the earth through the great cities, the beautiful towns and the quaint villages of the fair people to learn their ways before she rendezvoused with the sea; Wye in her pursuit of knowledge, beauty and harmony with nature flowed gracefully through the countryside providing a place of peace, fulfilment and sanctuary to all creatures along the way on her journey to join the sea and fulfil her destiny.

The Wye Trail

The route starts out in the historic market town of Llanidloes, just a mere 9miles west of where Pumlumon slumbers in the heart of the Cambrian Mountains; heads south through Tylwch and Banc Dolhelfa; then skirting the boundaries of the Elan Valley through Geufron and Ysgubor Fach; to return north through Llangurig back to Llanidloes along an undulating course over misty hilltops, through dark forests and deep valleys adorned with spectacular views that would take your breath away and compliment the River Sister Wye’s journey.

The route will be way-marked with distinctive Wye Trail discs (as above). Downloads of the Outline Route Map, Route Waypoint Coordinates and the Entrants Brief for the Event are made available to all Entrants once they have registered for the Event.

The Event Schedule

  • The online Registration System will be closed 7 days prior to the Event.
  • Once you have registered, please ensure you download the Outline Route Maps, Route Waypoint Coordinates and the Event Entrants Brief.
  • The dedicated carpark for the event is the Kennel Fields in Llanidloes Town Centre. GR SN9523 8449 / 52.448N 3.543W
  • The Event Hall (Start, Finish & Event Control) is at the St Idloes Church in Llanidloes. GR SN9536 8469 / 52.450N 3.514W
  • Toast, Tea & Coffee is available for all entrants from 04:45 – 06:00
  • Registration: 05:00 – 05:45
  • Pre-start Briefing: 05:45
  • Event Start: 06:00
  • Naismith / Completion Time: 13 hours
  • Entrants who successfully complete the Event will receive the unique Event Patch.
  • Buffet & Refreshments are available for all entrants from 14:00 – 20:00


EVENT DATE: Saturday 27th July 2019
CATERGORY: Community Event / Moderate-Hard
VENUE: Cambrian Mountains
COST: £40 per entrant

Sorry, no Children below the age of 13 years due to Safety Reasons. All young- persons between the ages of 13-18 years must be registered and accompanied by their Parent or Guardian for Safety Reasons.

Also, can all those who are interested in partaking, kindly visit our CME Facebook Page, like the page, and confirm their intent to partake on the Facebook Page Event section as well, as we are looking to build a Facebook Community following for the Event. All notifications and updates respective to the Event will be posted on this Facebook Page.

The event organising team reserve the right to change sections of the Route or Check Point Locations prior to the Event, due to terrain associated restrictions or any other factors that could compromise the safety and welfare of the participants and support staff alike.

For further information or specifics regarding the Event, please feel free to email us at

"The Wye Trail"
Cambrian Mountain Events
c/o Llani Leisure
16-17 Long Bridge Street, Llanidloes SY18 6EE
+44(0) 1686 414893

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