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Cycle Llanidloes

Hafren Forest and Llyn Clywedog


Llanidloes Market Hall

Total distance

18 miles (29 km)



Riding description

Gentle but long climb, gently undulating thereafter but two steep climbs near the lake. Mostly single track traffic-free road all the way.


Map directions

We recommend you consult Ordnance Survey Map (OS-214) or view this gps.com map

Route Description

0.0 miles Start at the Market Hall in Llanidloes and cycle down Shortbridge Street towards the river. Shortbridge Street is signed as Hafren Forest from the black and white market hall

Upper Severn Valley0.1 miles Cross the River Severn on the Shortbridge and bear left to start the ascent to the Upper Severn Valley

1.6 miles Cycle through the small hamlet of Glan-y-Nant

2.7 miles The road bears right sign-posted to Hafren, Old Hall and Staylittle

3.0 miles Cycle through the small hamlet of Old Hall

Severn Break its Neck Falls6.5 miles Track to the left is sign-posted Severn Way. About 50 metres down on the left, you can divert to see Severn Break-its-Neck Waterfall before returning to the road to continue the ride

6.7 miles Rhyd-y-Benwch car-park and picnic area. This is the start of the walk to the Source of the River Severn. There are toilet facilities here except during the winter months

Hafren Forest7.0 miles The road continues through dense pine forest to climb to its high point of 357m, 200m altitude above Llanidloes before reaching more open countryside

9.0 miles Turn right on road sign-posted to Clywedog Reservoir and dam

9.3 miles Afon Biga picnic area and nature trail in wooded area surrounding the Clywedog river

Llyn Clywedog9.6 miles The road follows the edge of the large Lake Clywedog

11.2 miles The road climbs steeply away from the Lake, a difficult climb but the view from the top is spectacular, all the way to the English border

13.4 miles The dam. A small road signed Viewing Area to the left gives access to a view over the dam and the Red Kite Kiosk for refreshments

Bryntail Mine14.1 miles Road sign-posted Bryntail Mine to the left is worth a diversion. About 1/4 mile from the junction there is a car park and track to the old mine buildings at Bryntail, now over-shadowed by the huge concrete wall of the dam. Return the same way back to the main route

14.6 miles Road crosses the River Clywedog

Turn right on minor road15.4 miles As the road starts to climb steeply, look for very minor road to the right. The road is overlooked by a red-brick house and farm. Turn right

Wooded countryside nearing Llanidloes16.0 miles The minor road descends through very beautiful wooded countryside towards Llanidloes

17.1 miles Clywedog Park caravan park. Turn right when you reach the main road

18.0 miles Road descends to Llanidloes. In Llanidloes turn right and cross the river Severn on the Longbridge. At the roundabout turn right and the road leads back the Market Hall

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