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Llani Fancy Dress Statement

Following a number of meetings involving the Town Council, the Police and the other Emergency Services, and representatives from the LVA and Chamber of Trade in Llanidloes, it has become clear that the Fancy Dress cannot go forward in the same manner is has in the past.

The rising costs and resource issues around policing the event, combined with mounting concerns over the nature of the offences that occur on the night, will in future require much more proactive stewarding arrangements being put in place than has been the case in past years.

The public may not be aware that Llani Fancy Dress relies entirely on donations received on the night to pay for the arrangements put in place, such as street closures, entertainments licenses, additional toilets, security fencing, Event Insurance, first aid cover, security personnel, etc.

Donations received only just cover present costs; they will certainly not run to the additional level of SIA trained stewards that will be required in future years. There is no Fancy Dress organisation as such, but rather a small group of volunteers who help to provide a support network for the event. Given the rising costs and the increased liability that will accrue to any future event, we, the volunteers, do not feel that we are able to continue to provide the infrastructure needed to allow the Fancy Dress to continue in its present format.

This means that, as far as we are concerned, no Llanidloes Fancy Dress event will be organised from 2012 onwards.

This is obviously disappointing news for all those who attend the event and who enjoy the whole experience.

We hope that the Fancy Dress still has a future. But for this hope to be realised the event will need to attract more support, both financially and politically, in order for its organisation to be placed on a more secure footing.



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