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Event Management

Our Event Management Procedure comprehensively analyses, documents, end delivers a comprehensive Management System for each individual Event we host. In brief, starting with assessing the proposed route, associated risks, respective risk mitigating solutions, efficient delivery requisites, and provides a robust delivery structure to competently implement a safe and controlled Event in its delivery

The Event Management Procedure is then complimented by a stringent internal training regime for all CME Senior Marshals, to ensure all Events Hosted or Supported are delivered efficiently and safely. The Senior Marshals receive training from renowned accredited training providers in the following, and maintain a reactive ongoing training matrix:

  • First Person on the Scene to intermediate level (FPOSi)
  • Remote Wilderness First Aider (intermediate level Exploration Care Programme)
  • Emergency Rescue intermediate level (FiA accreditation)
  • Hypothermia & Dehydration Awareness
  • Radio Society of GB (RSGB) training and OfCom Foundation Radio Licence.
  • Field & Mountain Radio Communication to UK Military intermediate level standard
  • Field & Mountain Navigation to UK Military intermediate level standard
  • Wilderness Skill and Survival Training to UK military intermediate level standard

Prior to each event, a comprehensive Team Briefing on the Event Management Procedure and Controls is delivered to the Event Team, to ensure each member of the Team is fully conversant with the Event Plan and competently integrates with the rest of the Team Members to ensure safe and successful delivery of the Event.

All Event Routes are electronically mapped and coordinates recorded every 0.5mile/0.8km to reactively aid Positive Tracking and Search & Rescue in the event of an emergency.

The Event Team implement Positive Tracking to monitor all Event Entrants progress from Start to Finish, and in turn the Entrants Safety and Welfare throughout the Event.

A Check Point (CPs) is located at every 5mile / 8km interval along the Route, which is manned by Trained Event Marshals, who monitor and ensure the safety and welfare of all participants.

At the approximate half-way point (2.5miles / 4km) between Check Points, a location is identified as an Emergency Rendezvous Point (ERv) and included on the Event Map for the information of the Event Team and Participants alike. In case of an emergency or incident, the Mobile Safety Team will mobilise at these ERv to support the participants’ requirements or action a prompt Search & Rescue.

The Event Team maintain a Mobile Radio Communication Network across the route from Start to Finish, especially where there is poor or non-existent Mobile Telephone Reception in the Cambrian Mountains. The Radio Network is further supported by a Satellite Communication where deemed required by the Event Safety Team.

All at CME strive to ensure all who take part in our Events have safe and memorable experience.



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