CME Event Entry Criteria

CME Event Entry Criteria


All CME Events are hosted in the beautiful, scenic but sparse Cambrian Mountains in the Heart of Wales; to promote and publicise this stunning little known area in the United Kingdom.

Majority of our Event Routes are on established Tracks, Trails, Footpaths and Minor Roads; but there are also sections routed through Lowland and Mountain “Wilderness Terrain” with no paved route to assist your travel. These areas of Wilderness Terrain are remote, barren, desolate, sparse and unforgiving; which is not to be trivialised, and is definitely not for those who lack the required endurance, level of fitness, experience, mountain skills or confidence.

Such sections of Wilderness Terrain in majority instances have no Trails to follow, no Tracks to follow, high Grass/Reeds, Streams to cross, Marsh/Bog, raised tufts of Grass (babies-heads), etc. In these areas there is no access or egress for standard Emergency Vehicles, where they can only be accessed by 4x4 off-road vehicles and in some cases ultimately only by helicopter. Again we reiterate, do not trivialise these areas.

Generally there is no reliable GSM/Mobile Telephone reception in a majority of areas in the Cambrian Mountains and respectively sections of route on the Events we host. Saying this, over 2019-2021 Mobile Telephone Network providers have extended their coverage over a lot more of the Cambrian Mountains, enabling reception in more areas along the routes we host our Events. In the event of Incident, Accident or Emergency it is the Entrants responsibility to search for the required signal to contact Event Control and advise of their situation without deviating off route.

It is a requisite on our Events that a Mobile Telephone is NOT to be used for Navigation, but to be only kept on the Entrants person fully-charged to contract Event Control when signal is available to advise of any incident, accident, intent to retire or any other emergency. The primary Navigation aid MUST BE Map and Compass; where hand-held GPS Navigation Aids or GPS enabled Watches with Navigation Aid capability are considered secondary.

Therefore our Events must be categorised as “Hard” to “Extreme” in most cases; and unfortunately are only open to Hill Runners and Hillwalkers who are experienced, possess good navigation skills, possess good mountain skills, the required level of fitness and the required confidence to undertake and safely complete our Events self-supported in the given Terrain.

In this respect, our events are not for everybody. This is not withstanding the fact that we have Check Point Stations (CP), Emergency Rendezvous Stations (ERv), 4x4 Mountain Safety Teams, Sweepers and Medics supporting our Events at all times.

These facts are elementally reinforced in the CME Terms and Conditions you must agree to be able take part in our Events. If you do not agree to these Terms & Conditions, you will not be permitted to complete your Entry or pay your Entry Fee for the Event.

Secondly, once you have registered your Entry and paid your Entry Fee, a link to download the “Entrants Pack” will be made available to you. In this Pack you will receive an “Entrants Brief & Event Itinerary” in which the Entry Terms, Conditions and Requisites are further reiterated and clearly detailed.

DO NOT TRIVIALISE the advice given and associated CME Terms & Conditions of Entry, no matter how much experience you perceive you may have, as it is in place to ensure you have the required skills to safely undertake and complete the Event without compromising your Safety, the Safety of other participants, the Safety of the Event Team and the Safety of the General Public alike.

To ascertain your ability to undertake and safely complete our events, in the first instance, upload the .gpx file of the route you receive in the “Entrants Pack” onto an online mapping system such as OS Maps Online and review the route in detail on both Topo and Aerial views to clearly understand the Terrain you will be travelling through. Also, take the time out to Walk/Recci any section of the route that you may have any slightest doubt in, well in advance to taking part in the Event. DO NOT TAKE A CHANCE, just because “you think” you may have the required experience.

After all this advice, if you still wish to take-part in our Events, but have the slightest doubt you may not have all the necessary skills to do so, we strongly advise you team-up with a another participant or group of participants who possess the required skills and the same fitness level as yourself, to ensure you can all travel the course together from Start to Finish.

DO NOT FORGET Wilderness Terrain is unforgiving and may not give you a second-chance if you make mistakes due to lack of experience or underestimating nature in its most purest form!

At the outset we apologise that we cannot cater for everybody in the Running or Walking Community. Your Safety is paramount to us, where Entry numbers for Events/Revenue is categorically considered secondary.

We hope you enjoy our events, and hope to build-up a community of regular followers in years to come.

The Cambrian Mountain Events Committee.

04 Nov 2022



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