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Cambrian Mountain Events (CME) specialise in delivering “Hi-endurance Extreme Mountain Events” in scenic but sparse Cambrian Mountains in the Heart of Wales; to promote and publicise this stunning little known area in the United Kingdom.

Majority of our Event Routes are on established Tracks, Trails, Footpaths and Minor Roads; but there are also sections routed through Lowland and Mountain “Wilderness Terrain” with no paved route to assist your travel. These areas of Wilderness Terrain are remote, barren, desolate, sparse and unforgiving; which is not to be trivialised, and is definitely not for those who lack the required endurance, level of fitness, experience, mountain skills or confidence.

Our motto is to “Challenge Boundaries”; where these Events will test your physical and mental resolve by pushing you to your limits, test your perceived boundaries beyond your wildest expectations, but will still give you the opportunity to experience the tranquil beauty of wilds in the Cambrian Mountains in confidence that you are supported by an Experienced Team from Start to Finish. All events are classified as “self-supported”.

Event Support is in place to complement our duty of care, and not to “baby sit” or “escort you along” our Events. You must posses what it takes to safely take-on and complete the Event. This is a strict requisite.

We welcome and encourage all entrants to use our Events to raise awareness and funds for any established charities they support, where we will help spread the word and promote their efforts in our event marketing and promotional activities.

All the events are supported from the start to the finish, with emergency rendezvous points (ERVs) approximately every 2.5 mile/4km and Check points (CPs) approximately every 5 mile/8km.

At the end of the Event all participants who compete will receive a bespoke event specific award and be treated to a meal with refreshments at the finishing venue quirky historic market town of Llanidloes, at a renowned CME post-event get-together.



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