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At Cambrian Mountain Events (CME) we strive to offer something for all ages and abilities, and in this regard host two types of events.

On our “Community Events” our motto is to “Explore the Great Outdoors”; where you can partake with confidence that you are supported from Start to Finish by an Experienced Team, enabling you to experience the scenic beauty of the lesser known Cambrian Mountains. A majority of these Community Events are classified as “moderate” to cater for most abilities, which range from Local 10k Runs to 40mile/65k Treks in and around the scenic Cambrian Mountains.

On our “Endurance Events” our motto is to “Challenge Boundaries”; where these Events will test your physical and mental resolve by pushing you to your limits, test your perceived boundaries beyond your wildest expectations, but will still give you the opportunity to experience the tranquil beauty of wilds in the Cambrian Mountains in confidence that you are supported by an Experienced Team from Start to Finish. A majority of these Events are classified as self-supported, hard and even extreme in some cases; and range from Hi Endurance 10k Runs to 62mile/100k Challenges; that are mostly routed in the wilds, off established pathways and roads. Have you got want it takes? ….. do you dare?

We welcome and encourage all entrants to use our Events to raise awareness and funds for any established charities they support, where we will help spread the word and promote their efforts in our event marketing and promotional activities.

All the events are fully supported from the start to the finish, with emergency rendezvous points (ERVs) approximately every 2.5 miles and Check points (CPs) approximately every 5 miles, which are manned by experienced Event Marshals and Event Support Staff.

At the end of the Event all participants who compete will receive a bespoke event specific award and be treated to a catered meal with refreshments in a quirky Public House in the historic market town of Llanidloes, at a renowned CME post-event get-together.



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